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Click on the links below for details of Calman Training days

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Tenth Annual Endocrine Masterclass: Charing Cross Mon 23rd April 2018: Requires registration..

Imperial pump course 9th May 2018.  

Endocrinology in Pregnancy Masterclass (St. Mary's Calman Day at King's) Thu 17th May 2018. [[Click here to pay 6 (trainees) or 50 (consultants) and to book YOU MUST REGISTER]]

ESE 2018 Barcelona 19-22 May 2018.  

East Midlands Pituitary day 23rd May 2018.  

22nd to 26th June 2018: ADA, Florida.

Fifth Charing Cross Pituitary Masterclass 2018 Monday 24th September 2018.   [[ Online registration from 6.00. ]]  

EASD 2018 Berlin Tue 2nd to Fri 5th October 2018.  

BES 2018 Glasgow Mon 19th to Wed 21st November 2018.  

Thirteenth Annual Hammersmith Endocrine Multidisciplinary Symposium Friday 7th December 2018.   [[ Abstracts Nov 17th. ]]