Calman training Day Thursday 15th Nov 2007.

Clinical Lecture Theatre, 2nd Floor, Cambridge Wing, St. Mary’s Hospital

For timetable in printable format click here.

13.00pm Research in to the pathophysiology and management of diabetes mellitus
The diabetes research network (Prof. Desmond Johnston)

Rosiglitazone and atherosclerosis (Dr Michael Yee)

Hyperglycaemia, Cholesterol Removal and Coronary (Dr Dipesh Patel)

Heart Disease. How are they linked?

Technology in Prevention and Treatment of Diabetes (Dr Nick Oliver)

Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease – What is all the fuss about? (Dr Sanjeev Mehta)

14.15pm Thyroid disease in pregnancy (Dr Stephen Robinson)

15.00pm Debate: This house believes that the primary metabolic defect of T2DM is:
1. Insulin resistance (Dr Ian Godsland)
2. Insulin secretion defect (Dr Michael Yee)
3. Lipotoxicity (Dr Stephen Robinson)
16.00pm Headache and visual change (Dr Jeremy Cox)
2 Cases (Dr Michael Yee & Dr Nick Oliver)
Neurology of eye changes with pituitary disease (TBC)
Pituitary apoplexy (Ms Joan Grieve)