Hammersmith Hospital Multidisciplinary Endocrine Symposium.

Stamp lecture theatre, Wolfson Conference Centre,
Hammersmith Hospital 15 December 2006

Organising committee:
Mr. Fausto Palazzo, Dr. Karim Meeran, Professor Stephen Bloom

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8.00 Registration & Coffee

8.30 Mr. Fausto Palazzo: Welcome and Introduction                   [[ Poster 2006 ]]  


8.40 Dr. Karim Meeran (Hammersmith Hospital, London): Advances in the medical therapy of pituitary disease
9.05 Mr. Nigel Mendoza (Neurosurgeon Charing Cross Hospital): Pituitary Surgery: the latest surgical techniques, results and complications


9.30 Prof. Morris Brown (Addenbrookes Hospital, Cambridge): Should we screen all hypertensive patients for aldosteronomas?
9.55 Mr. Greg Sadler (John Radcliffe Hospital, Oxford): Laparoscopic day surgery for Conn's tumours: is it safe?

10.20 Coffee


10.50 Andrew Frankel (Hammersmith Hospital): Can we prevent renal hyperparathyroidism?
11.15 Prof Jean Francios Henry (Marseille, France): Why endoscopic parathyroidectomy?
11.40 Parathyroid disease presentations. (chaired by Prof Jean Francios Henry).


12.10 Jeannie Todd (Hammersmith Hospital) :Diagnosis & localisation of insulinomas: the Hammersmith Experience
12.35 Alberto Isla (Ealing & Charing Cross Hospital): New frontiers in insulinoma surgery

1.00 Luncheon


1.45 Carel W Le Roux (Hammersmith Hospital & Imperial college): Obesity: Medical or surgical treatment?
2.15 Mr Alberic Fiennes (St Georges Hospital): Surgical options in obesity surgery.

Transitional Research

2.40 Dr. Waljit Dhillo (Hammersmith Hospital): Advances in our understanding of sex


3.05 Dr. Jeremy Turner (Hammersmith Hospital): Advances in diabetes therapy: New agents and delivery
3.30 Prof. Stephanie Amiel (Kings college Hospital) : Islet transplantation: living up to our expectations?

3.55 Tea

Thyroid cancer review

4.15 Dr Roberto Dina (Hammersmith Hospital): Pitfalls in thyroid cytology
4.35 Mr Fausto Palazzo (Hammersmith Hospital): Recent advances in the surgical treatment of differentiated thyroid cancer
4.55 Dr Adil Al-Nahhas (Hammersmith Hospital): Advances in adjuvant treatment of non medullary differentiated thyroid cancer
5.20 Prof. Graham Williams: (Imperial College London) How to follow up thyroid cancer patients - do the benefits outweight the risks?
5.50 Close & feedback

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