Fifth Hammersmith Multidisciplinary Endocrine Symposium.

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Wolfson Education Centre,
Hammersmith Hospital Friday 10 December 2010

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SPRs supported by the School of Medicine, London Deanery.

Organising committee:
Mr. Fausto Palazzo, Dr. Waljit Dhillo, Professor. Karim Meeran, Professor Stephen Bloom

8.30 Registration & Coffee

8.45 Mr. Fausto Palazzo, Prof Karim Meeran and Dr. Waljit Dhillo: Welcome and Introduction

9.00 - 11.00: Phaeochromocytoma session

9.00 Recent advances in the localisation of phaeochromocytomas and paragangliomas Dr Bomanji (University College Hospital, London).
What imaging modalities are available?

9.30 Current options in the pre-operative preparation of phaeochromocytomas Prof John Wass (Oxford)
Recent advances in their management.

10.00 Safe surgery: Phaeochromocytoma anaesthesia Dr Parind Patel (Hammersmith Hospital)
How to ensure a good outcome

10.20 Clinical cases & delegate participation

OC1: Limitations of functional imaging in phaeochromocytoma (Anjali Amin)

OC2: Rare Phaeo type: also to discuss order of beta and alpha blockade (Rahila Bhatti, Masud Haq and Dennis Barnes)

OC3: Difficulties in the management of hypercortisolism Dr FW Ahmed, Dr D Sennik, Dr J Wright and Professor D Russell-Jones

11.00 Coffee Break

11.30 - 12.50: Conn's session.

Chair: Karim Meeran

11.30 Developments in the diagnosis and imaging of Hyperaldosteronism Prof Morris Brown (University of Cambridge)
What investigations should we do?
11.55: Update on Connís case from last year (Karim Meeran)

12.00 Interventional radiology in Hyperaldoseronism : Dr James Jackson (Hammersmith Hospital)
Technique, tips and pitfalls

12.30 Clinical cases & delegate participation
12.30 Case presentation:

OC4: A difficult case of Connís : Vicky Salem

12.50 The Society for Endocrinology Poster session and Luncheon + MEN cases

The Society for Endocrinology International Seminar

Chair Fausto Palazzo

2.00 State of the art minimally invasive adrenal surgery Prof Martin Walz (Essen, Germany)

3.00 Coffee break

3.30 - 5.00: Graves debate

Chair: Dr. Waljit Dhillo

3.30 Surgery should be adopted more frequently in Gravesí thyrotoxicosis Mr David Scott Coombes (Cardiff)
Prevention, medical management and the indications for surgery

4.00 Radioiodine should be the definitive treatment of choice in Gravesí disease Prof Karim Meeran (Imperial College)

4.30 clinical Cases

OC5: Thionamide induced agranulocytosis in a patient with Gravesí thyrotoxicosis. Richard Carroll (Ealing)

OC6: Should thyroid surgery be the treatment of choice for thyrotoxic parents with young children? A Falinska and K Ahmed (West Middlesex)

5.00 Close & feedback

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