Seventh Hammersmith Multidisciplinary Endocrine Symposium.

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Wolfson Education Centre,
Hammersmith Hospital Friday 7 December 2012

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SPRs supported by the School of Medicine, London Deanery.

Organising committee:
Mr. Fausto Palazzo, Prof. Waljit Dhillo, Prof. Karim Meeran, Prof Stephen Bloom

8.30 Registration & Coffee

8.45 Mr. Fausto Palazzo, Prof Karim Meeran and Prof. Waljit Dhillo: Welcome and Introduction

9.00 - 11.00: Session 1: The Thyroid. Chair: Professor Graham Williams

9.00 Management of problematic Graves’ thyrotoxicosis patient. Prof Will Drake (St Bartholomew’s Hospital)
9.20 An update on the management of thyrotoxic eye disease Miss Jane Olver (Charing Cross Hospital).
9.40 Thyroid Ultrasound for the non radiologist. Dr Chris Harvey.
9.55 The side effects of the medical treatment of Differentiated thyroid cancer Dr Stephen Robinson (St. Mary's Hospital).

10.20 Thyroid Clinical cases & delegate participation

OC1 Graves’ patients may harbour sinister pathology

OC2 A suspicious thyroid lesion in pregnancy

OC3 Could temporary hypocalcaemia following thyroidectomy be predicted?

OC4 Compressive Optic neuropathy secondary to Thyroid Eye Disease

10.45 Coffee Break

11.15 - 12.45: session 2. Endocrine Surgery Session Chair: Neil Tolley/ Fausto Palazzo

11.15am Current surgical strategy in Differentiated thyroid cancer. Mr David Scott Coombes

Society for Endocrinology International Guest Lecture 2012

11.45am Thyroid Surgery in The Elderly Prof Anders Bergenfelz (Lund, Sweden)

12.45 The Society for Endocrinology Poster session and Luncheon + MEN cases

2.00 Session 3: MEN / Hyperparathyroidism. Chair: Duncan Bassett and James Ahlquist.

2.00pm Primary hyperparathyroidism – who needs genetic testing?Dr Jeremy Cox

2.30 Neuroendocrine Tumours: diagnosis, localisation and surgery. Mr Duncan Spalding, Professor Andrea Frilling and Dr Jeannie Todd
Clinical cases

OC5 Dilemmas in Managing Metastatic Paraganglioma

OC6 An unusual case of severe and symptomatic hypercalcaemia in the context of thyrotoxicosis

OC7 Management dilemmas in MEN1

OC8 Insulinoma- Invasive preoperative localisation may not be necessary in all patients?

3.00 Coffee break

3.30 - 4.45: Session 4: Pituitary Tumours. Chairs Waljit Dhillo and Simon Aylwin.

3.30 A new disease with a long history – Familial pituitary adenomas: Prof Marta Korbonits (University of London)
4.00 Pitutiary and Adrenal Clincal cases.

OC9 Cardiac arrest: an uncommon presentation of phaeochromocytoma

OC10 Pituitary metastasis from CLL – an extremely rare case

OC11 Bilateral adrenalectomy as a day case?

4.00 Bilateral Adrenalectomy as a Day Case?! Mr Fausto Palazzo (Imperial College)

4.45 Close & feedback

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