Calman training Day Thursday 28th February 2002.

For paper on GH in Cushing's, click here.

For paper on GH in survivor's of childhood cancers, click here.

Cockburn lecture theatre, 2nd floor, QEQM building, St. Mary's Hospital.

1400-1430 Coffee
1430-1515 Journal club. GH deficiency and replacement in hypopituitary patients previously treated for Acromegaly or Cushing's disease.
Feldt-Rasmussen etal, European Journal of Endocrinology(2002). 146: 67-74 (Dr. T. Kearney)

1515-1600 Debate: This house believes obesity should be treated with more resources put into:
a) Intensive dietary therapy (Dr J Cox)
b) Sibutramine therapy (Dr J Valabhji)
c) Orlistat therapy (Dr M Smith)
d) Surgical therapy (Dr S Virjee)

1600-1700 Screening for diabetes (Prof Des Johnson)
1700-1800 Guest lecture: The diabetic foot (Dr. M Edmonds)