Calman training Day Monday 16th September 2002.

Extra Cushing's papers.

For Full review (JCEM 1998), click here. Worth reading before 16th Sept.

Charing Cross Hospital Postgraduate Centre.

1300-1400 Sandwich Lunch kindly sponsored by GSK
1400-1430 Cushing's syndrome cases and quiz
1430-1500 CRH testing before and after LDDST. (Yanovski, 1993). Midnight cortisols. (Jeannie Todd).
1500-1530 IPSS and its importance before surgery. (Maha Barakat).
1530-1600 Outcome of pituitary surgery. Definition of cure. Review of Yap etal (Jan 2002)., Chee etal (Nov 2001) and Newell-Price commentary (Jan 2002). (Waljit Dhillo, Sarah Stanley and Leighton Seal respectively).
1600-1630 break
1630-1700 CBG and its effects on endocrine testing. (Wing May Kong).
1700-1730 Endocrine testing in surgical patients.