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Endocrine Masterclass Monday 9th November 2020.


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Endocrine Masterclass

1.45pm. Registration. Chair: Karim Meeran

2.00pm - 2.40pm Checkpoint Inhibitor Endocrinopathy (Daniel Morganstein)

2.40pm 3.00 pm. Answers to questions on the chat from previous sessions:

(1) Follow up after completion thyroidectomy and radioiodine (Karim Meeran)

(2) Discharging patients and stopping follow up of patients with thyroid nodules (Karim Meeran)

3.00pm - 3.15pm Alex's eighth osteoblast (Alex Comninos)

3.15pm - 4.00pm Reproductive Endocrinology cases (Channa Jayasena)
4.05pm. QR codes for certificates and feedback.