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Endocrine Masterclass Monday 11th April 2022.


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Diabetes Masterclass

1.45pm. Registration. Chair: Karim Meeran

2.00pm - 2.20pm Alex's eleventh osteoblast (Alex Comninos)

2.20pm 2.30 pm. Questions from the audience:

Pituitary clinical cases

2.30pm - 2.55pm Too crazy over cortisol (Aditi Sharma)

2.55pm - 3.25pm Did Apoplexy really cure Cushings? A follow up from the pitutiary masterclass. (Lisa Yang and Manish Modi)

3.25pm - 3.50pm Fight of Flight? (Sandhi Nyunt)

3.50 pm Discussion and questions from the audience. 4.00pm. QR codes for certificates and feedback.