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Adrenal Masterclass Friday 5th July 2024 2pm to 4pm.

TEAMS or one of the lecture theatres at Charing Cross Hospital.

CPD approved for 2 external category 1 credits, RCP code follows

[[Online free registration]]         (please choose carefully and ONLY choose "in person" if you are definitely attending in person)

Please note that the registration process has TWO stages. When you "purchase" your free ticket, you will first need to register for an account. This same account can be used for all the masterclasses that are free, and also for the whole day pituitary masterclass (16th Sept) and Multidisciplinary Endocrine Symposium (Dec 6th).
This is an online event, but if you come to Charing Cross, we will project the lectures and choose the size of the lecture theatre depending on the number of live attendees.
You can of course have a group of people at any site, and project the talks, so feel free to do that.

2.00pm. Registration. Chair: Karim Meeran

2.00pm - 2.02pm Welcome and Introduction (Professor Karim Meeran, Imperial College)

2.02pm - 2.20pm Adrenal vein sampling for Conn's (Prof Karim Meeran)
2.20pm - 2.30pm Q & A

2.20pm - 2.45pm Bilateral adrenal nodules secreting cortisol. (Yaasir Mamoojee, Consultant Endocrinologist, Newcastle Upon Tyne)
2.55pm-2.59pm Q & A

3.00pm - 3.25pm. Perioperative and postoperative steroid replacment and reduction in Adrenal Cushings (Dr Karim Meeran, London)

3.30pm - 3.55pm. Synacthen test cutoffs
3.55pm-4.00pm Q & A
4.00pm Closing remarks.