Calman training Day 23rd July 2003.

For metformin and PCOS (Lancet), click here. x x x x For Adrenal insufficiency paper, click here.

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Watford General Hospital Postgraduate Centre.

1.30 pm Lunch (for 19 SpRs!)
2.30 pm Growth disorders Dr Vasenta Nanduri Consultant Paediatric Endocrinologist
2.55 pm Discussion
3.05 pm The very basics of osteoporosis Dr Michael ClementsConsultant Endocrinologist
3.30 pm Discussion
3.40 pm Tea
4.00 pm Critical review of the use of metformin in PCOS Dr Tom Galliford SpR in Endocrinology Lancet Vol. 361, p1894 (May 31, 2003)
4.25 pm Discussion
4.35 pm General Internal Medicine Liver disease in pregnancy Dr Bruce Macfarlane Consultant Gastroenterologist
5.00 pm Discussion
5.10 pm Adrenal insufficiency Dr Arla Ogilvie Consultant Endocrinologist Lancet Vol. 361, p1881 (May 31, 2003)
5.35 pm Discussion
5.45 pm Close of play