Calman training Day Monday 12th January 2004.

For aldo/renin paper, click here.x x x x x For islet paper, click here.

Postgraduate Centre, Northwick Park Hospital.

1330-1400 Arrive and Coffee
1400-1430 Unusual endocrine cases : Cushings and carcinoid
1430-1500 Unusual endocrine cases
1500-1545 Pathogenesis of diabetic complications : Dr P.Sharp
1545-1615 Coffee
1615-1640 Journal club 1. Islet Regeneration During the Reversal of Autoimmune Diabetes in NOD Mice: Kodama et al., , Science 2003 302: 1223-1227 (14 Nov)
1640-1700 Journal Club 2. Aldosterone/renin ratio in diagnosis of primary hyperaldosteronism Clin End 2003;59:427
1700-1745 Common eye problems. P. Bessant, Moorfields Eye Hospital.
1800 Feedback session