Calman training Day Thursday 5th February 2004.

Colao etal NEJM (cabergoline), click here.

Sir Roger Bannister Lecture theatre, 1st floor, Medical School, St. Mary's Hospital.

1400-1430 Tea and registration
1430-1500 Case report: DKA does not define type 1 diabetes. (Miles Levy)
1500-1540 Recognistion and management of respiratory failure. (Bill Oldfield)
1545-1610 Withdrawal of long-term Cabergoline therapy for tumoral & Non-tumoral hyperprolactinaemia. Colao etal NEJM (cabergoline).
(Sanjeev Mehta)
1610-1630 Tea and coffee
1630-1710 Diabetic dyslipidaemia (John Valabjhi)
1710-1750 HDL and diabetes (Bob Elkeles)