Calman training Day Thursday 22nd April 2004.

For Hugh Mathers book (pdf), click here.

Boston Manor Room, Postgrad. Dept., Level 3, Ealing Hospital.

For Hugh Mathers book (word), click here.
1400-1430 Registration
1430-1610 Interactive discussion on draft new diabetes guidelines – Dr Mather
1610-1630 Case presentation – Is it acromegaly ? Drs Caputo / Chaudhri
1630-1645 coffee
1645-1735 Essential ID emergencies – Dr Bill Lynn
1735-1815 Update on treatment of hirsutism - Dr Owais Chaudhri
1815 Close
Message from Hugh Mather.
I attach some new draft guidelines for diabetes care, which will be published shortly when they are finalized. These have been updated from the previous version of 1999. It is amazing how much has had to be re-written, only 4 years later ! I am sending round this e-mail over a month before the Calman meeting at Ealing on Thursday 22nd April because I need your help in weeding out inaccuracies and faulty emphases. It is surprisingly difficult to produce concise practical guidelines for GPs and nurses which are realistic and achievable, and yet are consistent with NICE guidelines and the GMS contract requirements. There are many problem areas, particularly re the treatment of type 2 diabetes (glycaemic targets, usage of new oral hypoglycaemic and anti-obesity drugs, when to institute insulin, place of new insulins etc) and the management of lipids (who should get statins, role of fibrates etc), hypertension and nephropathy.

I would therefore be grateful for your concerted help with these guidelines. Please read and scribble (literally) all over the document, over the next month, particularly those sections relating to the treatment of type 2 diabetes, lipids and hypertension. Please could everyone find at least 4 points to quibble with, if not more ! I think and hope you find this an interesting and valuable exercise. At the Calman afternoon we will go round and discuss everyone’s points, one by one.

As an incentive, I will bring a crate of 12 bottles of wine on the Calman afternoon, and distribute them to the people who make the best points and corrections ! They may also receive an acknowledgement in the finished book when it is published.

We also have an update on the treatment of hirsutism – in the light of recent scares re Dyanette and reports that metformin is ineffective – and ( as our general medicine topic - now an essential part of the programme) an update on ID emergencies from Bill Lynn, who is excellent value, together with an endocrine case report. It should be an interesting and enjoyable afternoon. The full programme is listed below.

The meeting will be held in the Boston Manor Room, in the Postgraduate centre at Ealing Hospital, which is on level 3 – one level up from the entrance. There will be signs out on the afternoon. I look forward to seeing you on the day.

Happy Easter !