Calman training Day Thursday 28th October 2004.

For Full review of Cushing's syndrome (JCEM 1998), click here.

For CRH-dexamethasone testing (Yanovski, 1993), click here

Extra Cushing's papers. x x x x x x x x x

Postgraduate Centre, Charing Cross Hospital.

1330-1345 Welcome
1400-1430 A review of Cushing's syndrome:Newell Price etal. (Jalini Joharatnam)
1430-1445 Cushing's disease in Angharad: (Danielle Lewis)
1445-1500 Adrenalectomy for pituitary Cushing's: Angela (Danielle Lewis)
1500-1515 Was IPSS used to correctly diagnose Cushing's in Heike ? Niamh Martin
1515-1530 More accurate diagnosis of pituitary Cushing's using dex + CRH: Yanovski (Daniel Morganstein)
1530-1545 A current Cushing's dilemma: Beryl (Daniel Morganstein)
1545-1600 What to do when the classical and the new Cushing's results are discordant: Niamh Martin
1600-1630 Break: coffee
1630-1645 A bromocriptine induced pregnancy (Kelly): Emma Hatfield
1645-1700 Using Cabergoline during pregnancy (Rupinder): Emma Hatfield
1700-1715 Pre-operative management of a phaeochromocytoma: Niamh Martin
1715-1730 A non-hypertensive phaeochromocytoma: Anita Banerjee
1730-1815 GIM session. What should the Med Reg do - an acute neurological problem.
1715 End