Calman training Day Friday 16th September 2005.

Full Cushing's review (JCEM 1998). x x x xIncludes an update on the Calman day at CX in October 2004. Please read the review before you attend.

Extra Cushing's papers. x x x x x x x x x

Charing Cross Hospital.

1300-1330 Lunch
1330-1430 Acute neurology for physicians
1430-1500 Prolactinoma review J. Todd
1500-1510 A bromocriptine induced pregnancy (Kelly): Emma Hatfield
1510-1520 Using Cabergoline during pregnancy (Rupinder): Emma Hatfield
1520-1540 NFA or prolactinoma: can cabergoline distinguish? Natasha Patel.
1535-1540 Normal periods but galactorrhoea; what is the diagnosis? Helen Miller.
1540-1610 Tea
1610-1620 Adrenal imaging in Conns (Yvonne): Nicola Neary
1620-1630 Adrenal imaging in Conns (another): Sarah Roberts
1630 A (re)current Cushing's dilemma: Beryl (Daniel Morganstein)
1640 Does Diane have Cushing's ? (Elaine Barrington Ward)
1650 Alcoholic or Cushingoid (Alan)? Elaine Barrington Ward.
1700 Cushing's quiz (please read the Cushing's review before you come).