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Fourth Annual Imperial MRCP Endocrine course and pan London Calman training Day Monday 12th March 2012.

Funded by the School of Medicine, London Deanery.

Main Lecture Theatre, Postgraduate Education Centre, Charing Cross. W6 8RF

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First have a go at the 10 questions published by the college. This should take you 18 minutes as the real thing is 100 questions in 3 hours. The answers are on the last page. Once you have an idea of what they are after, have a go at writing your own question and send it to me. I already have a bank of questions from last years exercise, but everyone who attends needs to write a question before the 3rd of March.

[[ 10 questions published by the college to do in 18 minutes ]]  (answers on page 11).

[[ Before attending, please write one question and e-mail it before Sat March 3rd to emqexam@hotmail.com using this template ]]  

9.30 am review of exam questions using clickers (1) in mock format

11.15-11.35am: break

1:00 - 1:50pm Lunch.

1.50pm review of exam questions using clickers (2) in mock format

3.50-4.10pm: break

4.10pm Further exam questions

5.00pm end