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Calman training Day Tuesday 5th May 2015 on Pregnancy and Diabetes.

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Postgraduate Medical Education Centre, 2nd floor, Mint Wing, St Mary's Hospital, W2 1NY

9.00                The use of Metformin in pregnancy

10.00 The pathophysiology and prevention of fetal macrosomia

10.30 Maturity onset diabetes of the young MODY
11.00 The Definition of GDM

12.00 Continuous glucose monitoring in pregnancy

13.00               Lunch


14.00              Diabetes diagnosed early in pregnancy has the risks of T2DM

14.30               Tea

15.00 Obstetrics for endocrinologists Induction of labour use of Steroids and Pre-eclampsia

15.30 National pregnancy in diabetes audit

16.00 The management of women following GDM

16.30 Journal club