Royal College of Physicians, Tuesday 1st March 2005




9.30                  Welcome                                                                     Mr Michael Powell (London)


9.40      Pituitary Workshop 1

Chair: Dr Mark Vanderpump (London) and Mr Michael Powell (London)


            Open Case Presentations 1 (Cases will be presented at approximately ten to fifteen-minute intervals)


Panel:               Professor Ashley Grossman                   Endocrinology, London

Professor John Monson                          Endocrinology, London

Dr Pierre Bouloux                                   Endocrinology, London

Dr John Newell-Price                              Endocrinology, Sheffield

Professor John Wass                             Endocrinology, Oxford

Dr Nick Plowman                                   Radiotherapy, London

Dr Michael Brada                                   Radiotherapy, London

Dr Andy Platts                                       Neuroradiology, London

Professor Nicolas de Tribolet                   Neurosurgery, Switzerland

Mr Jonathan Vafidis                                Neurosurgery, Cambridge

Mr Nick Thomas                                                Neurosurgery, London

Professor Peter Lees                              Neurosurgery, Southampton

Mr Simon Cudlip                                                Neurosurgery, Oxford


1. A patient with clinical features of Acromegaly, failure of suppression of Growth Hormone (GH) on oral glucose tolerance test (OGTT) but normal insulin-like growth factor-I (IGF-I) and equivocal pituitary MRI.

Barnor QN & Russell SH (Enfield)


2. Let sleeping acromegalics lie?

Wren AM, Banerjee A, Hatfield ECI, Roberts S, Mendoza N & Meeran K (London)


3. A 20-year old man with recurrence of Acromegaly deemed unsuitable for surgery – what do we do next?

Mah PM, Battersby R, Ross R & Newell-Price J (Sheffield)


4. The management of Acromegaly in a patient with a past medical history of subarachnoid haemorrhage

Hatfield ECI, Banerjee A, Wren AM, Roberts S, Mendoza N* & Meeran K (London)


5. Oncology Meets Endocrinology; Lymphoma Involving the Pituitary

Ogilvie M & Grossman AB (London)


Focus:  Pituitary Incidentalomas                                              Professor Peter Lees



11.00                Coffee


11.20    Pituitary Workshop 2

Chair: Dr Mark Vanderpump (London) and Mr Michael Powell (London)


            6. Surgical Management of a Suprasellar Lesion

Apostolopoulos V, Pollock JR & Ahlquist J.  (Romford and Southend)

7. Recurrence of Suprasellar Cyst

Banerjee A, Dhillon W & Meeran K (London)


8. Pregnancy and macroprolactinoma: what should we advice?

Swamy A &  Clark JDA (Bury St Edmunds)


9. Hyperprolactinaemia: A dilemma in management

            Jayasena CNL, Barrington-Ward EW, Todd JF (London)


Focus:  Reproductive Outcomes in Hypopituitarism                 Dr Gerard Conway (London)


12.40                Lunch


13.30    Keynote Lecture: Endocrine Aspects of Pituitary Surgery - A View from Charlottesville        

                                                                                    Professor Mary Lee Vance (Charlottesville, USA)

14.15    Pituitary Workshop 3

Chair: Dr James Ahlquist (Southend) and Miss Joan Grieve (London)


10. Incidentally Discovered Cushing’s Disease 

Gomez F*, Janzer R** & De Tribolet N*** (Lausanne)


11. Corticotroph macroadenoma presenting with a painful right hip; issues in management

Brooke AM1, Metcalfe KA3, Plowman PN2 & JP Monson JP1 (London and Southend)


            12. Recurrent, Recurrent Nelsons Syndrome – a Therapeutic Dilemma

Allen KV, Cudlip S & Wass JAH (Oxford)


Focus:  Use of Gliadel in Recurrent Cushing’s Syndrome        Mr Neil Dorward (London)


15.15                Tea


15.30    Pituitary Workshop 4

Chair: Dr James Ahlquist (Southend) and Miss Joan Grieve (London)


13. How should a Stalk Lesion be Managed?

Ismail M, Afshar F, Evanson J & Chew SL (London)


14. Recurrent Dicentric Intracranial Germ Cell Tumours with Discordant PET

            Kelly PA, Metcalf K, Evanson J, Plowman PN & Monson JP (London)


Focus:  Lymphocytic Hypophysitis


15. A Variant of Lymphocytic Hypophysitis

Morgan E, Chung T-T, Berney D* & Grossman AB (London)


            16. Two Cases of Hypophysitis

              Nelson R & Powell M (Bristol & London)


16.30    The inaugural meeting of the British Neurosurgeons “Pituitary Interest Group”

                                                                                                Mr Michael Powell (London)


17.00                Close