Third Hammersmith Multidisciplinary Endocrine Symposium.

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Postgraduate Centre, Hammersmith House, Hammersmith Hospital Friday 12 December 2008

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Organising committee:
Mr. Fausto Palazzo, Dr. Waljit Dhillo, Professor. Karim Meeran, Professor Stephen Bloom

8.30 Registration & Coffee

8.45 Mr. Fausto Palazzo: Welcome and Introduction

Adrenal session : Chair Professor Des Johnston

9.00 Current management the incidental adrenal tumour Mr David Scott-Coombes
9.30 The many faces of a phaeochromocytoma Prof Karim Meeran
10.00 The forgotten adrenal pathologies – Mielolipomas and adrenal cysts Mr. Fausto Palazzo
10.30 Clinical cases & delegate participation

11.00 Coffee Break

Developments in neuroendocrine tumours and multiple endocrine neoplasia: Chair Dr. James Ahlquist.

11.30 MEN 1: Searching for a protocol Dr. Duncan Bassett
12.00 MEN2A: Moving to a common management pathway? Prof Tom Lennard.
12.30 Clinical cases & delegate participation

12.50 The Society for Endocrinology Poster session and Luncheon

Investigations and Endocrine Radiology

2.00 Imaging in Endocrine Surgery Dr. Mary Roddie
2.30 Interventional radiology in hyperparathyroidism Dr. James Jackson

3.00 Coffee break

State of the art review: Thyroid :Chair Mr. Neil Tolley

3.30 Thyroid cytology: What you wanted to know but were afraid to ask Dr Roberto Dina

The Society for Endocrinology International Seminar

4.00 How should we manage patients with mild hypercalcitoninaemia and sporadic thyroid disease? Prof Jean-François Henry
4.30 Thyroid Cases
5.00 Close & feedback

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