Out of Programme Experiences.

It is essential that any plans you have to leave the scheme are communicated to Professor Meeran so that he can arrange cover for you. This needs to be at least three months before you want to leave. You need to get permission to take time off the programme from the deanery, using an OOPE form. In addition, if you want any of your time to count towards your CCT, you need to ALSO apply to PMETB (via the JRCPTB) for the time to be accredited. This can ONLY be done prospectively.

There are three separate bodies involved here.

  1. The deanery who need to give you permission to take time out of programme, as you have a 5 year contract with them that you want to alter.
  2. The JRCPTB who will consider the research (or other) plan you want to undertake, and decide whether it is worthy of accreditation. If the area of study is totally outside endocrinology, they are likely to not accredit it for training. This does not mean that you cannot have the time off. For example, if you wish to study Buddhism for 3 years, the deanery may allow you to take the 3 years out of programme, but the JRCPTB are unlikely to let you count any of that time.
  3. PMETB who will consider the fact that the JRCPTB think your time should count, and the length of the OOPE, and who will then recalculate your CCT date.

The deanery usually allow a maximum of 3 years out of programme, as they are keen to maximise the rate at which consultants become available. The JRCPTB usually allow a maximum of 12 months credit towards a CCT of anything out of programme.

Link to current deanery advice webpage (for permission to take time out).

The form must be filled in online, and then you need to add and upload a paper copy with signatures (link to pdf below)

Link to current JRCPTB advice webpage (to try and count up to 12 months of your OOP).

Application forms.

[[ OOP signature application form (pdf). ]]         [[ Application form JRCPTB. ]]  

It will be sensible for you to keep a copy of everything you receive, as the postal service often lose important documents between these sites, and occasionally copies are needed from you.