Most SpRs will obtain consultant posts with a large commitment to diabetes care and hence an
emphasis is placed on all aspects of this area of training.


There is a National Retinopathy screening clinic, which is run by Dr. Anne Dornhorst and Mr. Ed Schulenberg at the Hammersmith Site. This provides unparalleled exposure to the many aspects of diabetic eye disease. The Charing Cross service is run by Mr. Kinnear, an ophthalmologist with a specific interest in diabetic retinopathy.


Both Charing Cross and Hammersmith Sites have dialysis Units in which diabetes is the most common cause of renal pathology. Dr. Andrew Frankel has a particular interest in diabetic renal disease and runs diabetic renal clinics at both sites. This provides an excellent opportunity for the SpR to learn about the prevention and continuing treatment of patients with renovascular and glomerular disease.


The Charing Cross site holds a monthly foot clinic, which consists of the diabetologist, two consultant vascular surgeons and a senior podiatrist. On both sites the podiatrists run weekly foot clinics concurrently with the routine diabetic clinic. The SpRs are often asked to review difficult management problems in patients with neuropathy and peripheral vascular disease.

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