Metabolic Studies 

Dynamic biochemical investigations form the basis of endocrine diagnoses. Both sites are fortunate to have active metabolic units, whose role is the supervision and interpretation of the results.

The Clinical Chemistry Department is administratively fused with the Endocrine Unit, under the general title of Metabolic Medicine. The trainees, both Lectures and SpRs in Clinical Chemistry, must obligatorily have MRCP and are expected to participate in the clinical service. Some are also wishing to obtain an additional CCST in G(I)M and will participate in the regional general medicine rotations.

Hormone Assays

The Hammersmith Hospital has a pedigree in hormone assays. The technique of radioimmunoassay was pioneered after the war by Professor Russel Fraser, who led the way in measuring anterior pituitary hormones, particularly growth hormone, prolactin and ACTH. Subsequently, the measurement of peptide hormones has been developed by Professor Stephen Bloom, and as a result, the department is the national centre for gut peptide hormone assays. This laboratory expertise has led to a natural progression of clinical expertise within the department.

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