"The ethos of the Unit is to integrate accelerating scientific advance with the management of human endocrine disease. We aim to enhance our position as one of the worlds' foremost Endocrine Centres. We will continue to work with patients who have endocrine disorders, in order to minimise disturbance to their lives by means of the latest treatments available. We aim to share our understanding of why patients develop endocrine conditions and how best to manage their clinical problems.

We are proud of the team of highly skilled professionals, both senior and in training, whose interests cover all the specialities within endocrinology. We work together to provide the best possible patient care, and training for those who will provide such care in the future.

The doctors who have trained within the Department of Endocrinology at The Hammersmith Trust hold senior positions in endocrine departments throughout the world. Many exciting learning opportunities have been briefly outlined within the document. We hope it has given you an insight into the significant career potential available".

Professor Stephen Bloom

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