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Pituitary Day Monday 2nd February 2015.

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Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists

08:30 Registration

09:25 Welcome and Introduction Dr Stephanie Baldeweg, Consultant Endocrinologist University College London Hospitals

09:30 Key note lecture: The Pituitary in 2014

Dr Andrew Toogood, Consultant Endocrinologist University Hospitals Birmingham

10:00 Forum 1 – Case Presentations – Hypophysitis

Chairs: Dr Mark Vanderpump and Mr Michael Powell

Case 1 – Hypophysitis and Aseptic Meningitis, An unusual combination: A Case report

Authors: Myuri Moorthy, Aunkul Garg, Chidambaram Nethaji, North Middlesex Hospital

Case 2 – 3-for-1: Pituitary apoplexy, hypophysitis and an adenoma – but which one is it?

Authors: K McCullough, N Hill, R Nair, N Mendoza, B Jones, A Mehta, A Pambakian, E Hatfield1, K Meeran, N Martin.

Charing Cross Hospital, Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust

Case 3 – A case of recurrent lymphocytic hypophysitis

Authors: A Dimakopoulou, K Vithian,

Colchester University Hospital

Case 4 – Case report: Challenges of lymphocytic hypophysitis

Authors: Y. Ling, S. Seechurn, S. Zac-Varghese, M. Kostoula, B. Jones, A. Mehta, S. Robinson

St Mary’s hospital, Imperial College healthcare NHS Trust

Charing Cross Hospital, Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust

11:00 Coffee and Posters

11:30 The pituitary gland and the eye

Dr Gordon Plant, Consultant Neurologist

National Hospital for Neurology and


12:00 Forum 2 – Case Presentations – Pituitary disease in pregnancy Chairs: Dr James Ahlquist and Miss Joan Grieve Case 5 – Use of Medical Therapy in a Pregnant Patient with Acromegaly Authors: P Jacob, NB Hashim, WM Drake

Case 6 – Pituitary enlargement in pregnancy presenting with visual field defects and interesting pituitary imaging

Authors: Hsiu L Yap, Edouard Mills, Maura Moriarty, Ana Pokrajac, Thomas Galliford Watford Hospital

Case 7 – Pituitary apoplexy in early pregnancy resulting in partial loss of the pituitary function

Authors: M Kostoula, S Robinson, A Lodhia, C Yu

Case 8 – Interpretation of dynamic test results in secondary hypocortisolism post pituitary surgery and hydrocortisone replacement doses

Authors: Dr Aikaterini Theodoraki, Mr Christopher McAlpine, Dr Anne Dawnay, Miss Joan Grieve, Mr Neil Dorward, Mr Michael Powell, Dr Stephanie Baldeweg University College London Hospitals, National Hospital for Neurology and


13:00 Lunch and Posters

14:00 The Pituitary Foundation

14:10 Forum 3 – Case Presentations – Pituitary

Chairs: Prof Gerard Conway and Mr Neil Dorward

Case 9 – Radiological Landmarks in Endoscopic Trans-sphenoidal Hypophysectomy

Authors: Simon Carr, Vicky Twigg, Saurabh Sinha, Showkat Mirza Sheffield Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

Case 10 – Not all Pituitary Tumours are Adenomas: A Rare Case of a Pituicytoma

Authors: Archana Dhere, ST6 Diabetes & Endocrinology, Olaf Ansorge, Consultant Neuropathologist, Simon Cudlip, Consultant Neurosurgeon, Ashley Grossman,

John Radcliffe Hospital, Oxford University Hospitals NHS Trust, Oxford

Case 11 – A case of pituitary functional recovery in a patient with Langerhan’s Cell Histiocytosis following chemotherapy with chlorodeoxyadenosine and Mercaptopurine.

Authors: Andrew Ghabbour, Roselle Herring, David Russell-Jones

Royal Surrey County Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

Case 12 – Hypothalamic dysfunction associated with the novel anti-cancer agent programmed death ligand-1

Authors: N.Tshuma, S.Dhalen, K.Constatinou, K.Gungunah, S.Jacobsberg, W.M. Drake, J . Evanson T.Powels

Barts Hospital, London

15:10 Pituitary papers that changed or will change my practice (not my CV) - Prof Marta Korbonits – Barts and the London Hospital –

Miss Catherine Gilkes – The Walton Centre, Liverpool

15:40 Tea, Coffee and Posters

16:00 Key note lecture: Pituitary function after traumatic brain injury Dr Tony Goldstone, Consultant Endocrinologist, Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust

16:30 Forum 4 – Case Presentations – Acromegaly

Chairs: Prof Pierre-Marc Bouloux and Mr Michael Powell

Case 13 – An interesting case of Pituitary Adenoma with Neuronal Choristoma (PANCH); an uncommon pituitary tumour Authors: S Hameed, N Mendoza, B Jones, A Mehta, B Field, K Meeran, N Martin, E Hatfield, F Roncaroli. Charing Cross Hospital, Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust East Surrey Hospital, Surrey and Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust

Case 14 – 17 years an acromegalic… Authors: Olympia Koulouri, Andrew Powlson, Andrea Steuwe, Dan Gillett, Sarah Heard, Andrew Hoole, Neil Donnelly, Nagui Antoun, HK Cheow, Richard Mannion, Mark Gurnell,

University of Cambridge & Addenbrooke’s Hospital

Case 15 – Complications of Long-Standing Uncontrolled Acromegaly and its Management Authors: Ellenbogen JR, Daousi C, Gilkes CE.

17:15 Poster and presentation prizes Dr Stephanie Baldeweg, Consultant Endocrinologist University College London Hospital

17:30 Close