London Cancer Alliance Pituitary Masterclass 28 Sept 2015.

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MOVED TO GLENISTER SO : Booking reopened.

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Charing Cross Hospital Postgraduate Centre

The closest tube is Baron's Court. Come out of the tube station, and turn right, and then walk through Hammersmith cemetery towards Charing Cross Hospital. The Glenister is opposite the hospital next to the cemetery, as on these maps.CLICK ON MAPS TO ENLARGE: UPDATED Sept 25th.
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08:30 – 08:55 Registration

08:55-09:20 Welcome Niamh Martin and Kate Haire (London Cancer Alliance)

SESSION 1 ACROMEGALY Chairs: Ramesh Nair (Consultant Neurosurgeon ICHNT) and Karim Meeran (Professor of Endocrinology).

09:20-09:40 Update on new guidelines and treatments for Acromegaly Dr Claire Higham, Consultant Endocrinologist, The Christie Hospital, Manchester

09:40-10:25 Case Presentations.

09.40 A challenging case of acromegaly complicated by heart failure. P Valsalakumari, S Mehta, R Ramli, B Jones, A Mehta, N Mendoza, M Williams, K Meeran NM Martin, E Hatfield  Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust, London and Ealing Hospital NHS Trust, London.

09.55 Old wine with a new label: Ipilimumab related hypophysitis. M Joshi, G Maltese, D Kariyawasam, A Velusamy, U-King-Im Jean Marie,, PV Carroll. Guys and St Thomas’s Hospital NHS Trust, London.

10.10Factors predisposing to pituitary apoplexy: A tertiary centre’s clinical experience. J Milburn, A Abbara, D Joshi, S Clarke, R Ramli, A Comninos, A Mehta, B Jones, R Nair, N Mendoza, NM Martin, E Hatfield, A Sam, W Dhillo, K Meeran.

10:25-10:40 COFFEE

SESSION 2 CHALLENGES IN PITUITARY DISEASE Chairs: Nigel Mendoza (Consultant Neurosurgeon ICHNT) and Emma Hatfield (Consultant Endocrinologist, ICHNT)

10:40-11:00 Radiotherapy options for managing cystic pituitary disease Dr Matt Williams. Charing Cross Hospital, Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust, London

11:00-11:30 Case Presentations

11.00 A novel surgical approach for the management of giant invasive prolactinoma compressing the brainstem N Margari, M: Vidyarthi, Z Khatami, S Chawda, J Pollock, E Marouf, N Stojanovic. The Royal London Hospital, Queens Hospital Romford and Woodlands Multispecialty Hospital Kolkata, India.

11.15 Is antiplatelet therapy absolutely contraindicated in patients with a previous history of apoplexy? D Joshi, J Milburn, A Abbara, R Ramli, A Comninos, A Mehta, B Jones, N Mendoza, N Hill, NM Martin, E Hatfield, A Sam, W Dhillo, K Meeran. Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust, London.

11:30-12:00 An update on Cushing's disease. Prof John Newell-Price, University of Sheffield.

12:00-12:30 Clinical Cases

12:00 From non-functioning pituitary adenoma in adolescence to Cushing’s disease in adulthood. A Balasanthiran, E Hatfield, D Papadopoulou, A Mehta, B Jones, N Mendoza, N Martin, K Meeran, .Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust, London.

12:15 A difficult case of Cushing’s disease. R Ramli, A Wren, D Papadopoulou, K Meeran, N Mendoza, E Hatfield, B Jones, A Mehta, NM Martin. Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust, London and Chelsea and Westminster Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, London.   

12:30-13:30 LUNCH


13:30-13:50 Use of 11C-methionine PET in pituitary disease Dr Mark Gurnell, Cambridge.

13:50-14:10 Advances in pituitary MRI. Dr Amrish Mehta Charing Cross Hospital

14:10-15:00 Clinical Case Presentations

14.10 Detection of micro-thyrotropinoma with 11-C-Methionine PET-CT: switching the ‘signal’ on and off.  O Koulouri, A Steuwe, D Gillett, P English, D Halsall, N Antoun, A Hoole, H Cheow, N Burnet, M Gurnell. Addenbrooke’s Hospital, Cambridge.

14.25 The use of C-Methionine PET to identify a target for salvage surgery in acromegaly. R Tan, B Whitelaw, T Hampton, G Vivan, S Aylwin. Kings College Hospital, London.

14.40 An unusual case of a woman with prolactinoma and diabetes insipidus. S Rafique, P Sathiskumar. Conquest Hospital, East Sussex Health Care Trust.

15:00-15:20 COFFEE

15:20-15:30 LAPPS update Joy Ginn, LAPPS


15:30-15:50 Neuro-ophthalmology and the pituitary – what does the endocrinologist need to know? Dr Alidz Pambakian, ICHNT, London

15:50-16:55 Cases and cyclical Cushing's cases TBA.

15.50 An interesting case of optic neuropathy. I Ilesanmi, K Muralidhara.

London North West Healthcare NHS Trust.

16.05 Pituitary apoplexy complicated by a third nerve palsy – a mechanistic quandary? D Joshi, A Abarra, R Ramli, A Comninos, J Milburn. S Clarke, A Mehta, B Jones, N Martin, E Hatfield, A Sam, W Dhillo, K Meeran. Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust, London.

16.20    Double trouble: dual endocrine pathology. R Ramli, K. Steer, E. Hatfield, A Mehta, B Jones, N Mendoza, K Meeran, NM Martin. Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust, London and London North West Healthcare NHS Trust.