Pituitary Masterclass 25 Sept 2017.


Pituitary Masterclass Payment page Monday 25th September 2017.

Booking Instructions:

There are two parts to booking your place. First you need to register. As soon as you click on the link below and put in your details, you will be registered.

You then need to pay: 36 for consultants and 16 for trainees (10 discount before Sept 15th, so 26 or 6 respectively). .

You will receive a registration e-mail confirming that you have registered, and a separate e-mail if you successfully pay.
Please ensure you do both, unless you want to post a cheque. You will receive a receipt by e-mail immediately when you have paid, from shopper@worldpay.com with the WorldPay CARD Transaction Confirmation as in the example below.

[[Click here to register and then also pay online]]