Radioiodine for hyperthyroidism.

For Italian study (n=100) on radioiodine and lithium, click here.x x M x x x x x

For recent Indian study (n=350) on radioiodine and lithium, click here.

Why did the Italian study show that lithium improved the outcome of radioiodine, whereas the Indian paper showed that there was no advantage? To answer this question, we are setting up a randomised controlled trial ourselves, and you may if you wish take part in this.

For evidence that radioiodine works well in the absence of antithyroid drugs, click here.

For NEJM (Bartelena) with original suggestion that RAI affects eyes in smokers, click here.

For subsequent BMJ editorial, click here.

For "antithyroid drugs before RAI: soother or menace" , click here.

For argument in favour of RAI, click here.

For excellent full review by Bartalena, click here.

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