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Adrenal Masterclass Friday 26th January 2024.      (click for RECORDING including CPD)

Reproductive Masterclass Friday 9th February 2024.      (click for RECORDING including CPD)

Friday 9th Feb 2024: Pituitary CPC.     [[ link to previous abstracts. ]]  

Simba Adrenal (face to face Birmingham) Thu and Fri 22nd and 23rd February 2024.      (£25 per day or £50)

Bone and Calcium Masterclass Friday 8th March 2024.      (FREE registration)

Cushings conference for PATIENTS Saturday 9th March 2024.      

Interviews for IMT3s who want to take up an ST4 post in Endocrinology in August. Interviews 20th to 22nd March 2024.

Clinical Update (Birmingham) Mon 25th to Wed 27th March 2024.      

FRCPath Chemical Pathology Masterclass Wednesday 17th March 2024.      (FREE registration)

Diabetes UK conference (London) Wed 17th to Fri 19th April 2024.  

Thyroid Masterclass Friday 3rd May 2024.      (FREE registration)

ESE 2024 Stockholm, Sweden 11-14 May 2024.      (abstract deadline Mon 26th Feb 2024). Register to create an account or use your ESE2023 Istanbul account.

AES 2024 Boston 1-4 June 2024.    

ARCP for all SPRs in North West London and South London Friday 14th June 2024.

ADA 2024 Orlando Florida 21-24 June 2024.    

EASD 2024 Madrid, Spain 10-13 Sept 2024.      (abstract deadline Mon 25th April 2024).

Eleventh Charing Cross Pituitary Masterclass Monday 16th September 2024. Registration £30 for either zoom or in person.  

BES/IES 2024 Belfast Mon 14th to Tue 15th October 2024.

Nineteenth Annual Hammersmith Endocrine Multidisciplinary Symposium Friday 6th December 2024. Registration £29 for either zoom or in person